Delivering cost-effective services To Adults with ADHD

International Conference Centre, Edinburgh

Sunday 23rd September 2018


0830 : 0900 Registration and refreshments
0900 : 0930

ADHD in adults: latest findings and update on progress

Philip Asherson

0930 : 1100

Transition from child to adult Services

Chair - James Kustow

In transition with ADHD - How to get it right?

Astrid Janssens

ADHD during the transition years from adloescence to your adulthood

Sandra Kooij

Transition to adulthood : Why not to neglect ths critical period?

Kobus van Rensburg


1100 : 1130 Refreshment Break
1130 : 1300

Innovation in service delivery for adults with ADHD

Chair – Phlip Asherson

Primary care serviceJoe Johnson
General adult mental health led serviceSanjay Jain
Adult ADHD in SpainTony Ramos
Pros and cons of a lifespan clinic for ADHD - Sandra Kooij
Adult ADHD in IsraeI - Iris Manor

Psychology led Service - Kobus van Rensburg

1300 : 1400 LUNCH
1400 : 1500

Supporting Adults with ADHD

Mary Solanto


1500 : 1630

Adult ADHD and Comorbidity

Emotional dysregulation and borderline personality disorder - Philip Asherson
ADHD and Bipolar Disorder - Andreas Reif
ADHD and substance use disorders - Cleo Crunelle

1630 : 1700 Discussion – Future Directions

Venue costs, Scientific and Administrative support for Faculty and Attendees was made possi-ble through sponsorship from: Flynn Pharma, Shire UK and Janssen.