What are the aims of UKAAN?

The aim of UKAAN is to support clinicians in the development of clinical services for adults with ADHD. Further information on currently available services can be found on the Support Group page. Main aims include the following:

  • Establishing valid protocols for the screening and assessment of ADHD in adults
  • Providing links to diagnostic instruments
  • Conferences and workshops on key topics
  • Treating adults with ADHD in forensic settings
  • The role of neuropsychology in the evaluation of ADHD in adults
  • Improving occupational outcomes for adults with ADHD
  • Establishing clinical services for adults with ADHD
  • Running training programs for diagnosis, pharmacological treatments and non-pharmacological treatments
  • UKAAN Handbook for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in adults
  • Internet Support Group
  • Research network to increase the evidence base for effective treatments