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Failure of healthcare provision for Attention-Deficit /  Hyperactive Disorder in the United Kingdom : a consensus statement



Recommendations for occupational therapy interventions for adults with ADHD : A consensus statement  from the UK adult ADHD network



Recommendations for the transition of patients with ADHD from child to adult healthcare services: A consensus statement from the UK Adult ADHD Network – Published August 2016 BMC Psychiatry – Open access.



Marios Adamou, Muhammad Arif, Philip Asherson, Tar-Ching Aw, Blanca Bolea, David Coghill, Gísli Guðjónsson, Anne Halmøy, Paul Hodgkins, Ulrich Müller, Mark Pitts, Anna Trakoli, Nerys Williams & Susan Young.  Occupational issues of adults with ADHD   BMC Psychiatry 2013, 13:59


Bolea B, Adamou M, Arif M, Asherson P, Gudjonsson G, Müller U, Nutt DJ, Pitts M, Thome J, Young S.    ADHD matures: time for practitioners to do the same?  J Psychopharmacol. 2011 Sep 2. 


Young, S., Adamou, M., Bolea, B., Müller, U., Pitts, M., Thome, J., & Asherson, P. (2011). The identification and management of ADHD offenders within the criminal justice system:  a consensus statement from the UK Adult ADHD Network and criminal justice agencies, BMC Psychiatry, 11: 32



Asherson, P., Adamou, M., Bolea, B., Muller, U., Dunn-Morua, S., Pitts, M., Thome, J., Young, S. (in press). Is ADHD a valid diagnosis in adults? Yes. British Medical Journal.