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Update: We have compiled links to resources, including those that point out how art and creativity can play an important role in direct and indirect ways during the current situation:

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A critical part of UKAAN’s effort to push Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) firmly into the mainstream is the engagement with the arts, creativity, the public and media. This section shares the ways in which UKAAN informs, guides, influences individuals and organisations about what ADHD is, what it isn’t, why it matters, and what needs to be done, and how you can contribute to this effort. We will: 

    • … disseminate facts about ADHD
    • … disseminate the latest and innovative research about ADHD
    • … engage with public figures who identify as having ADHD
    • … mobilise artistic processes across art forms (visual art, poetry, film, music, theatre et al) to communicate research
    • … engage with artistic research to ask new questions about ADHD
    • … foreground examples of high quality art by arts and design professionals who identify as having ADHD
    • … showcase examples of good practice of art therapy in ADHD 

In many ways ADHD is invisible. It is not a physical disability, and a hidden problem - and a hidden resource. UKAAN aims to not only raise awareness, but quash existing myths and transform its status as stigmatised condition. We will lead meaningful discourses and debates, especially with those who are still not convinced about the validity of ADHD. The arts could be enlisted to help visualise ADHD and make ADHD more visible, that is, make ADHD more seen, more heard, more talked about. As the 2017 All Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Report states, art can ‘stimulate imagination and reflection’ and ‘inspire change and growth’. We will also engage with artistic research to open up insights and questions about ADHD, as well as to consider how ADHD relates to creativity. 

Do you have a new item to share? Are you holding an exhibition, workshop or other events and efforts relating ADHD and creativity? Are you someone with ADHD who has found the arts useful in what you do? What suggestions and recommendations have you to celebrate the link between ADHD and the arts? Contact us at now.