Onsite Training - We are now able to offer onsite training, which would consist of a combined course addressing both the Diagnosis and Treatment of Adults with ADHD. The course can be tailored to meet your own expectations and audience. As a general overview the course would be helpful for the following groups:

  • Half day service model for CPN’s – the aim would be to raise awareness and explain core principals – Maximum number 20.
  • Full day – for those who would be helping with assessments and treatments – Maximum number 20
  • Nurse specialists – we would recommend the one day course on the Diagnosis and Assessment of Adults with ADHD.

Applications accompanied by full details of your requirements, should be made to the UKAAN email address via ‘contact us’ on the website.

Bespoke training courses can also be arranged on request.

Diagnosis and Pharmacological treatment of adults with ADHD - One day workshops for mental health professionals. Courses will be taking place in London.

Advanced Training Workshop - One Day Workshop for Mental Health Professionals, aimed at those clinicians who are currently engaged in working with patients, both in the Diagnosis and Treatment of adults with ADHD.

Psychosocial support and skills training for Adults with ADHD - This one day workshop will provide an overview of a wide range of psychosocial approaches available to use alongside pharmacological treatment for ADHD.

Further Details of courses being run by UKAAN can be found in the Events section




Psycho-education, CBT and Coaching Interventions for Adolescents and Adults with ADHD – A course for health care practitioners working with adolescents and adults with ADHD.


The RAPID programme is a cognitive-behavioural, psychoeducational group programme that teaches cognitive, social and emotional skills and moral values to boys and girls (age 9-12) who have some, if not all, of the problems associated with ADHD (e.g. inattention, impulsive behaviour, emotional lability, disruptive and oppositional behaviour, poor social competence). The programme is designed to enable children to develop better self-control, improve their neurocognitive functioning, problem-solving ability and interpersonal functioning and, thereby reduce behavioural problems and increase their academic achievement. The programme also has a preventative role by targeting problem behaviours before these become habitual.

Young. (2009). RAPID: Reasoning and Problem Solving for Inattentive Detectives. 

R&R2 for ADHD Youths and Adults - A Prosocial Competence Training Programme

This programme was designed by Dr. Susan J. Young & Dr. Robert R. Ross in 2005 for the many youths and adults whose antisocial behaviour or offending behaviour is associated with some or all of the characteristics of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (with or without a diagnosis). Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), is a neurodevelopmental disorder with core symptoms of inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity that often result in significant impairment in academic and/or social functioning. The programme has been field tested with offenders in secure forensic hospitals in England.

Young, S.J. & Ross, R.R. (2007). R&R2 for ADHD Youths and Adults: A Prosocial Competence Training Program. Ottawa: Cognitive Centre of Canada

Young, S.J. & Ross, R.R. (2007). R&R2 for Youths and Adults with Mental Health Problems: A Prosocial Competence Training Program. Ottowa:Cognitive Centre of Canada


Dr Ulrich Muller, Lecture on "Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult ADHD" as part of BAP Masterclasses, Day B: Bipolar / Perinatal / ADHD


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