'Delivering cost effective services for adult ADHD' - Sunday 23rd September, International Conference Centre, Edinburgh

This one day event hosted by UKAAN is titled "Delivery of cost-effective services for adult ADHD", reflecting the rapid increase in recognition and treatment of ADHD and the need to improve access to treatment by adult mental health services. The meeting will take place at the International Conference Centre in Edinburgh on Sunday 23rd September. 

ADHD is a common disorder effecting around 5% of children and 3% of adults, with symptoms and impairments that overlap with other common mental health disorders. The role that ADHD plays in the health of many adults presenting with mental health problems to primary and secondary health care services is now much more widely recognised, yet recent evidence suggests that in many cases the disorder still goes unrecognised or treated. Our vision is to bring ADHD into the mainstream, so that all mental health professionals have the knowledge and understanding to diagnose and treat ADHD, in the same way as other common mental health disorders.

The program will be delivered by prominent opinion leaders, clinical experts and internationally recognised investigators and is designed to cover key topics relevant to the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD from adolescence to early and late adulthood. The selection of speakers is important so that the audience can hear directly from the most experienced professionals working in this rapidly developing area of clinical psychiatry. The meeting precedes and flows into the main program for the Eunethydis International meeting that will address the translation of neuroscience into clinical practice with the aim of raising awareness of the latest developments of innovations in diagnosis and treatment for the practicing clinician.

Who Should Attend?

This meeting will address important clinical questions relating to the management of ADHD in adults and will be relevant to anyone interested in the mental health of people from the adolescent years through to early, middle and later adult life.


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Professor Philip Asherson
President UKAAN