Rebecca Champ

Rebecca Champ NEW.jpgRebecca is a coach and psychotherapist with 7 years experience specialising in working with adults and couples living with ADHD.  Offering both face-to-face and online services, her work takes an Integrative approach; combining person-centred therapy principles with techniques in goal setting, organisation, and time management.  Having ADHD herself, Rebecca offers a unique perspective: one that places personal growth, self worth and individual potential of clients at its heart.

Rebecca has worked very closely with the Cambridgeshire Adult ADHD Clinic, raising awareness for a need for local services.  She spearheaded the Adult ADHD Action Campaign for Cambridgeshire in 2010 and lobbied the Mental Health service to demonstrate the existence of a community with specialist needs.  This joint effort resulted in the establishment of a pathway within the NHS for adults with ADHD, and the official opening of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Adult ADHD Clinic in November 2013.

She supports students with learning disabilities at the University of Cambridge, and has done work in the community with the homeless.  She is a member of the Expert Advisory Board for the UK Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN), and is an active speaker on the Lived Experience of ADHD.