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Published on the 06 August, 2012

On the 12th December 2011, Dr. Susan Young Vice President of UKAAN, made a speech in the House of Lords at a reception hosted by Lord Keith Bradley, in support of The Better Futures Group 'Call to Action'. The Call to Action asks for (1) Use of second fixed term exclusion from school as an opportunity to assess children with possible ADHD and (2) Recognition of the importance of tackling ADHD more effectively in future education legislation and guidelines.

The Better Futures Group is a group of medical and educational specialists working towards improving provision for children with ADHD in the UK by helping to drive better access to identification, diagnosis, support and management. Better Futures is a campaign that was initiated and is funded by Shire Pharmaceuticals, developed and implemented by the Better Futures Group.

In December 2011 the Better Futures Group hosted a Parliamentary Reception to raise the awareness of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in parliament and to launch a call to action to use second fixed term exclusion as an opportunity to assess children for potential ADHD. The event, which was sponsored by Lord Bradley, was a huge success with significant parliamentary support gained on the evening itself, and attendees voicing both positive and encouraging feedback.

The Better Futures Group Campaign was initiated and is funded by Shire Pharmaceuticals

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