James Kustow


Dr James Kustow is a London-based Consultant Psychiatrist, working in the NHS three days a week. He works in Liaison psychiatry in Barnet hospital, and until recently co-ran Edgware’s Adult ADHD service, one of the very few London-based NHS services of its kind. Dr Kustow has a private practice based at Nightingale hospital in Central London. 

Over the years Dr Kustow has developed a specialist clinical expertise working with Adult ADHD, both in terms of its diagnosis and medical management, but additionally in the development of comprehensive psychosocial interventions. He is committed to working with and building on people’s strengths and helping develop strategies to promote balanced, healthy living and positive relationships.

Dr Kustow is a member of UKAAN's Executive board (UKAAN is the main professional organisation for Adult ADHD in the UK) and he also chairs UKAAN’s Training committee. He was instrumental in the development of the national training programme for psychiatrists. He is a co-author of a textbook on Adult ADHD published by Springer Health. Dr Kustow is a recognised national and international speaker on Adult ADHD.

Dr Kustow is on the Board of Trustees of the London-based Anthony Nolan charity and was the founder of the award winning ‘Marrow’ programme, a network of university groups across the country, which provides a third of the UK’s stem cell register.