Adult ADHD Service Map

Mapping UK mental health services for adults with ADHD : National survey with comparions reporting between three stakeholder groups This paper has now been published... please click here to read the article


The map below, created as part of the University of Exeter CATCh-uS project, and funded by the NIHR, shows services for adults with ADHD in the UK. Group A shows dedicated NHS adult services, other adult NHS services (Group B) and private, voluntary and non-adult NHS services (Group C). Please enlarge this map for a clearer view and to filter which group, A, B or C is displayed. 

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Services Key:

  • Group A. NHS Dedicated Services for Adults with ADHD
    • ADHD & ASD
    • ADHD
    • Neurodevelopmental
  • Group B. NHS Adult Services for adults with ADHD (not including dedicated services)
    • 0-25 service
    • ASD
    • Drug & Alcohol
    • Generic AMH
    • Health & Social Care
    • Learning Disability
    • Mental Health & LD
    • Primary Care Mental Health Service
    • Prison & Custody MH Service
  • Group C. Other Services for adults with ADHD, as experienced by survey respondents
    • Charity/Voluntary
    • Child ADHD Specialist
    • Generic AMH
    • Child Neurodevelopment
    • Generic Child
    • Child Neurodevelopment
    • Private Provider
    • Social Enterprise
    • Support Group

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Selected service information:

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Please note that we are unable to answer any general questions relating to services.

Disclaimer: This list was created in 2018, and is intended for use as a tool/aid. It includes all services at which at least one informant told us they ‘knew of someone experiencing treatment/support for ADHD as an adult.’ Details of dedicated services (group A) were checked with the providing trust via a freedom of information request. Details of other services were checked using available information online. No checks were made on service quality or availability. We are not able to recommend specific services. This map is a work in progress and not definitive.