Scientific Programme

The scientific program will include a keynote speaker followed by 5 symposiums with related parallel sessions. The Symposiums and parallel sessions will cover the following themes:

(1) ADHD & Comorbidity - the rule or the exception

  • ADHD and brain trauma - Huw Williams
  • ADHD, autism and ID - Jane McCarthy
  • The development of anxiety and depression in young adults with ADHD - Celine Ryckaert
Parallel Sessions
  • Emotional instability, ADHD and overlapping disorders - Philip Asherson and Esther Sobanski
  • ADHD and substance use - clinical challenges - Ulrich Muller and Susan Young 

(2) High Functioning ADHD - where does the boundary lie

  • From the users's perspective - reaching your potential with ADHD - Rebecca Champ
  • Unwrapping the gifts of ADHD - Margaret Weiss
  • How impaired is impaired - James Kustow
Parallel Sessions
  • ADHD adaptations at University and in the workplace - a practical guide - Rebecca Champ and Jane Sedgwick
  • The challenges of high functioning ADHD - Margaret Weiss

(3) An overview of available psychological treatments for ADHD

  • From the user's perspective - Other forsm of treatment - Susan Dunn Morua
  • An overview of the non-pharmacological treatments for Adult ADHD - Kobus van Rensburg
  • Psychological treatment for ADHD and anti social behaviour - Susan Young

Parallel Sessions

  • CBT and Coaching for the busy clinician - Susan Young and Kobus van Rensburg  
  • Psycho-education for the busy clinician - James Kustow and Mark Pitts


(4)   Service Development and Health Economics

  • ADHD, Primary care and IAPT - Jonathan Lanham-Cooke
  • Developing clinical services for Adult ADHD - Joe Johnson
  • Health economics evaluation of Adult ADHD in Denmark - David Daley

Parallel Sessions

  • How to put a case forward for the cost-effectiveness of adult ADHD service - Muhammad Arif and Marios Adamou
  • Models for managing adolescent to adult transitions - Clodagh Murphy and Louise Theodosiou


Trauma and ADHD 

Interaction between ADHD and trauma - Phil Mollon

Similarities and differences between ADHD and borderline personality disorder - Alexandra Philipsen